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NFUSED® and Air Conditioning

NFUSED® Information

NFUSED is used to protect weapons, engines, compressors, etc. under the harshest conditions including the desert.  By preventing friction, heat buildup and rust, NFUSED fused provides the essential lubrication required for 100% efficiency.

How NFUSED® A/C works

NFUSED® A/C is a metal conditioner which chemically bonds to the metal surfaces of your vehicles A/C compressor.  It is not a refrigerant oil which sometimes leaks from the systems.

NFUSED® A/C treats metal surface allowing for greater lubrication.

One application of NFUSED® last for 15,000 miles and contains no harmful chemicals such as PTFE, chlorinated paraffin's, graphite or fluorine.

The average cost of an A/C compressor breakdown can be as high as $2,500.00.  One yearly application of NFUSED® A/C can substantially reduce that financial risk.